Startup #20: MoHash | The evolution of DeFi

2 min readNov 8, 2022

Segment: DeFi Round: Seed

Value Proposition:

MoHash is a DeFi protocol that gives investors access to stable, scalable and sustainable high returns backed by real-world assets. The protocol issues a fungible token (MoH Token) that reflects a claim on a diversified set of debt instruments that are risk-managed and financially regulated to protect investors’ interests.


The first problem is that investors have become increasingly disillusioned with Yield Farming. Investors were promised generous returns that have not always materialized, more often than not are not sustainable and can quickly go to zero.

The second problem is of a different nature. Small and medium-sized companies around the world, but particularly those in emerging markets, struggle to secure the capital they need to achieve their growth potential and for that reason developing markets are not growing as they should because of this capital shortfall.


MoHash intends to tackle these two problems simultaneously. It will take stable currency deposits from investors and lend them to high-growth companies in developing economies.

The platform can generate returns of between 6 percent and 22.5 percent per year for investors, while providing the capital that companies in developing economies need to thrive.

“MoHash is bringing global liquidity to non-bank lending in high-growth economies”


MoHash has been working to solve this challenge for a year and has brought together several people with expertise in technology and finance from companies such as Goldman Sachs, Amazon, Oliver Wyman, India Stack and Samsung.


Ajay Attibele (Management Consultant, Market Risk Manager).

Arun Devarajan (Developer, Product Manager)

Harsha Shastry (Investment Manager, Fund Manager)



MoHash has raised USD 6 million in a seed funding round co-led by Sequoia Capital India and Quona.

Other giants such as Coinbase Ventures and Jump Crypto also participated.

Currently, its BETA platform is already available for testing.

Positive points:


Team: The MoHash team has 46 years of experience with backgrounds at Goldman Sachs, Amazon, Oliver Wyman, India Stack and Samsung.

They are specialists in the fields of asset management, risk management, arbitrage, FinTech policy in India, crypto mining and technology.


Failure to achieve desired adoption.

Undeveloped tokenomics, which is normal for the stage the project is in.

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